Reflection on Healing from the ‘Soul Institute’ Qualities of a Healer Compassion. faith, humility. allowing God to act

Father Richard McAlear OMI in his book ‘The Power of Healing Prayer’ writes ” Four qualities distinguish a man or woman as an authentic minister of Christ. The first, very simply, is love and compassion. Why should anyone stretch out his hand for healing? What is the ultimate motive? It must be the same reason Jesus prayed and ministered healing. The minister has a sense of love and deep compassion for the suffering and the hurting.

The second important quality in a minster of healing is faith. This is not just a doctrinal faith that believes in teaching and dogmas, even though that is important. Neither is it so much a providential faith that feels that everything will work out well in the end because of the Father’s watchful care. Rather. what is required is a faith of expectancy, a faith that reaches out with quiet confidence, with a serenity born of trust, and fully expects that God will hear prayers.

The third essential quality for a healing ministry is humility, which leads to a total reliance in God. Humility allows God to give the minister His healing power. Humility totally relies upon God’s mercy, His Love, and His fatherly care and not upon any special quality, talent, or ability of the minister. This is all God’s work. and it is for His glory and His alone. The minster needs to be aware that the will of God matters before all else. He or she must surrender to His will and rely on His grace. God has His own plan and His own purpose, and neither is always understood. One time a woman named Luciana brought a friend to me for prayer. Luciana’s friend was desperately sick. We prayed for healing, and for some unknown reason, Luciana was suddenly healed of a pain in her back that had debilitated her over the years, while the friend she brought seemingly received no obvious healing. God does work in mysterious ways. It is very humbling to realize that no one can manipulate Him or control an outcome. The minister simply prays for the sick as the Lord instructs. Beyond that it is all up to Him.

The fourth quality required for the minster of healing is the ability to allow God to act. When we pray, we must allow God to have complete dominion over everything that takes place. God answer prayers as He see fit. Many people pray for healing and put very specific demands on God, expecting Him to do very specific things and wanting to limit Him to specific responses. Anything beyond the horizon of what they envision they find strictly unacceptable. These people are not asking God for an answer but telling God what to do and how and when to do it.”

Holy Spirit I give all Glory and Honor to Jesus
I come in a spirit of humility and faith
Not trusting in my plans but trusting that You Jesus know what is best
I pray for this person…and I trust Holy Spirit that you will touch and heal this person in your way, in your time and the manner that is best for them


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