For Labor day Fr Stefan first jobs Fr Stefan Resume

1-Delivering the Paper Washington Post

2-Working at Mc Donalds,

3 Selling Glasses Lens Crafters

3 1/2 working at custom office in Tokyo Japan forget that one

3 3/4 while living in Japan stint as a model was in one movie still remember my line, I was a Russian sea captain

4 Again working at Mc Donalds, came in at 5 to make the biscuits

5 Working as a host at Slades in Boston Common

6 Selling luggages at Hechts Boston Common

7 Selling men wear at Hechts Boston Common

8 Selling women sun glasses and jewerly Hechts Boston Common

9 Working as a Camp Counselor In Seattle Washington Camp Name Muggy

10 working at homeless shelter Alexandria

11 working at boys town Omaha Neb having a crew of 6-8 young men and cleaning the pig pen teaching these boys how to stay on task


7 thoughts on “For Labor day Fr Stefan first jobs Fr Stefan Resume”

  1. Dear Father…forgot to say, my first job was a busboy job at a restaurant. It was the best two week experience I ever had!

  2. Hi Father,
    This is Andy and Martha from St. Patrick Catholic Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We have a friend Margaret (also at St. Patrick’s) who is trying to help another friend who is going to surgery (14 September 2015) and would like to meet with you before surgery. Would you please send us a phone number for her to reach out to you?
    Vivat Jesus, Andy and Martha

  3. It’s great to see the diversity in jobs in the places and positions that you have been in Father. Similar to the Disciples, you were called from your jobs and took one following Jesus and leading others to Christ. God Bless.

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