Got a lovely letter today from the Maryland Transportation Authority ‘What’

I was checking my mail, My only letter is from the Maryland Transportation Authority. A bill for 4 dollars of a toll I didn’t pay. Couple things come to mind. One is I remember that toll and I had 10 dollars worth of quarters in my car and handed the lady I thought was 4 dollars worth of quarters, so I am guessing it was 3 dollars and seventy five cents. But this brings me back to my first thoughts. I grew up in Northern Va Arlington. I remember a day when driving was free, yes there was tolls driving up to Pittsburgh or New York, but you could drive too Tyson Mall easily enough. Now you need a PHD in Urban Planning to figure out what roads are what. My heart goes out to people who grew up in another country, if I can’t figure it out what does this all mean to them?
Now I am 99.9999 sure I gave the lady 4 dollars in quarters, but I concede maybe I gave here 3 dollars and 75 cents.
Question of the day, how many of you have gotten one of these bill from Transportation Authority and you are left wonder ‘What’

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