More Teaching from Fr Bob Renewing a parish today “Soul Institute” Fr Bob pray for us

Every day in my prayer I ask father Bob to guide and teach me. Father Bob from an inspiration of the Holy Spirit began the Companions of the Cross. This was founded to renew diocesan priesthood.

Father Bob writes about how he was formed many years ago for priesthood, “We were given to understand that we were to meet whatever needs people might have. We were to involve ourselves in crisis response. Our was a ministry of availability. I believe we now need to see it very differently. I believe our priority as priests is to minister to what God is doing. My conviction is that this is a time of God’s special visitation. The lord is releasing the power of his Holy Spirit in our days in deeper and deeper ways. He is on the move. He is initiating things. Our task as priests has to be, I believe, to see what he is doing and support it.”

Would like to share this also from Father Bob, “Priests would live no longer in rectories attached to churches, but in community houses which could accommodate four to six regular residents. Theirs assignments (pastors, assistants, teachers, chaplain, chancery.) would be arranged in such a way that some common life (prayer, meals) would be possible for them. Houses of refreshment and healing need to be set up for priests who are exhausted, frustrated and even disillusioned. At least one priest counsellor would be resident in each house. If we do these things, God will take care of the vocation problem. We’re in a crisis. We must acknowledge it. If we take good care of our priests, God will take good care of his Church.”

The purpose of the priest is not to solve everyone problems. The priest is to point to and support whatever the Holy Spirit is doing.


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