Nurses are angles reflection from the “Soul Institute” God loves us like a nurse

It seems like one of the ladies on the ‘View’ made fun of nurses. I don’t think nurses need anyone to defend them. Like the vast majority of people, I have always seen nurses as angels of healing.

Since I have been a chaplain at a major hospital my respect, admiration has been increased many fold. Nurses are the heart of the hospital. I am amazed how caring they are and how much love they put into their work. Being a nurse is a vocation not a job.

When I walk the halls of the hospital I have talked to many nurses. (On a side note, nurses are both male and female.) I have shared these words from Pope Francis ”  a nurse in a hospital who heals the wounds of those who come in, one at a time. Just like this nurse, Pope Francis stressed that God is also involved in our lives, ‘meddling’ in our miseries and getting close enough to heal our wounds with his very hands, which he became man in order to do. Because of this, noted the Pope, we know that God does not simply save us by decree, but ‘He saves us with tenderness and with caresses. He saves us with His life for us.'”

God Loves us like a nurse. A nurse put their hands and heart into the wounds of the patients. They get their hands dirty taking care of the sick and wounded. God does not save us by decree. God puts his hands into our wounds. God gets involved in healing.

Pope Francis as a young man was saved by a nurse.

As a young man, Pope Francis’ life was saved by intuitive nurse.

“The story of Pope Francis’ successful recovery from a lung condition at the age of 21 is recounted in a new book by Vatican journalist Andrea Tornielli. The pope recounted that, although the doctors were competent, they spent much of their time in laboratories. He credits his recovery to an intuitive nurse who was “on the front lines,” caring for the sick and working one-on-one with patients all day long. “I am alive thanks to one of [the nurses],” the pope said.

Doctors had administered antibiotics to treat the now-pope’s condition, but the dosage was too small. Picking up on the dilemma, the nurse tripled his dosage – and her actions led eventually to the pope’s recovery. Francis said, “The nun who was on the ward tripled that because she had an intuition, she knew what to do, because she was with the ill all day long.”

If you see a nurse today, thank him or her for being an angel of healing.


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