Father Stefan reflects on Pope Francis visit to the USA reflections from the ‘Soul Institute’

Father Stefan gives his thoughts on Pope Francis Visit to USA. All the Popes in the last 100 years have been holy men. We could not have had a Pope Benedict without first having a John Paul II, and we could not of had a Pope Francis without first having a Benedict. One of the things that confuse me is that so many people who rightly and correctly said Listen and be Faithful to the pope, when the Pope was John Paul II or Pope Benedict, now attack Pope Francis. As faithful Catholics we respect and follow the Vicar of Christ not because the Pope agrees with us, but we should allow our minds to be form by the teaching of the Pope. Do we not believe that the Holy Spirit is the Soul and Life of the Church?
I think one of the reasons that so many people are attracted to Pope Francis is that he strikes people as a “Man of Mercy, Love and Forgiveness.’ Remember in the Gospel the crowds loved Jesus, while the teachers of the law regarded so many of the crowds as sinners  and beyond help.
Just a thought maybe just maybe, the crowds that love Pope Francis are seeing something that many in the Church do not see.
Yes Pope Francis is saying the most important thing in the Church are not the rules and regulations. Pope Francis is saying the Most Important things are Mercy Love and Forgiveness. Jesus says in the Gospel, “It is not the Righteous that need a doctor but sinner, I came not to call the self righteous but sinners.” Maybe many in the crowds that are moved by Pope Francis emphasis on Mercy resemble the dirty crowds that follow Jesus. Many in the crowds following Pope Francis are like the woman who just wanted to touch the helm of His Garment.
To quote Pope Francis, “Now is the Time for Mercy.”


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