Father Stefan reflects on the renewal of the Church ‘Soul Institute’ Come Holy Spirit

Father Stefan thoughts: Sometime when I talk to people who are active in the Church it is one long litany of what is wrong with the Church. Each person has the answer to all the problem. If only the Pope would come out stronger against the hot bottom items of the days. If only the bishop would kick out that priest who did that at liturgy. If only we had Latin masses, if only the bishop would say you can’t vote for this person. The list goes on and on. This is my view. The Renewal in the Church is not about another press release from a bishop, It is not about another homily that condemns this or that group. The renewal of the Church is all about seeking the Holy Spirit. Praying to the Holy Spirit to come down on us. And when we pray we have to mean it, I tell people, “If We Pray For The Holy Spirit to Come Down our First Instinct Can Not Be To Shut It Down.” If we ask the Holy Spirit to come down we have to mean it. I Dream of a day when the Bishop and the priests, Deacons and lay People of the Diocese will gather in the cathedral on Pentecost Sunday to plead beg the Holy Spirit to come down.
Pope Francis said in Philly ” But the temptation to be scandalized by the freedom of God, who sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous alike, by passing bureaucracy, officialdom and inner circles, threatens the authenticity of faith.” Pope Francis asks us to trust in the Power of the Holy Spirit.
In short what I am trying to say the Renewal in the Church means we need the Power of God, We need the Holy Spirit. There is no other solution, Things will get so bad that we will pray Holy Spirit we need you. And when you come down our first instinct will not be to shut you down,
Come Holy Spirit

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