Oil change and trust in God “Soul Institute”

Because of my responsibilities at Hospital. I have to be around the hospital 24\7. This makes me want to do all the necessary things that I need to do on my day off, such as going to bank, which I did. Also getting my oil change in car. Well I went to Honda delearship have 5236 miles on car. The man said wait till 7500 miles and when oil light goes on. It is better for u to wait till car tells u so. Better for your engine. I actually left thinking it is my anxiety about getting this done when I am able. It reminded me how little I trust God in my anxiety. Try to put all the ducks in a row Now, but like my car oil change when time is right. Then that is when I need move. Trust God. I did the same thing with pager when battery is half charge change battery for fear that battery will run out with only 50 juice in it. The oil change reminded me how little I trust in God. How much do u trust in God?


  1. You are so right Father. Trusting in the Lord easier said than done. Many trails daily, but deep within I pray to Trust our God to help and guide me.

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