Thought that came to me this morning in prayer “Soul Institute”

As I was praying this morning. I was reflecting on the Holy Spirit being the Heart the Soul of the Church. St Thomas says that “Jesus is the head of the Church and the Holy Spirit is the Soul of the Church.”

We are created in the image of God. We have a head and a heart. We need both. How many people only follow their heart. Jesus also gave us a head. Jesus wants us to use both our head and our heart in making decisions.

Francis Selman in his book ‘Aquinas 101’ writes “Although the Son and the Holy Spirit are sent together in us, their invisible mission are distinguished by their effects of grace. These effects of grace in us correspond with the different ways that the Son and the Holy Spirit proceed: by way of the intellect and the will. As the Son proceed by way of the understanding, he enlighten the mind when we know God. And as the Holy Spirit proceeds by way of the will as the Love of God, he enkindles our affections with the Love of God. As no English phrase can reproduce the contrast of St Thomas’s words, I give the Latin: the Son produces within us an illuminatio intellectus, and the Holy Spirit an inflammatio afectus. Thus, the divine mission affects the whole person, mind and heart together. By the effects of grace of each mission we are made more like the Divine Persons who is sent in us.”

“In his commentary on the Gospel of St John, St Thomas tells us more about the distinction of the mission of the Son and the Holy Spirit, and at the same time shows us how they work inseparably together. As the Son is wisdom begotten and the Truth, so the effect of his mission is to make us participation in the divine wisdom and knowers of the truth. The Son hands on to us the teaching of the Father, since he is the Word, but the Holy Spirit makes us receptive to his teaching. The Spirit gives us interior understanding. The Son leads us to the Father, but St Thomas says the effect of the mission of the Spirit is to lead us to the Son.”

We are most like God in his image and likeness when we develop our Minds and our Hearts. We are to use both.

It also struck me how the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit correspond with the head or the heart.

Jordan Aumann OP in his book ‘Spiritual Theology’ writes ”

The gifts of Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom and Counsel correspond to the head, the intellect.

And the gifts of Piety, Fortitude and Fear of the Lord correspond with the heart.”

As as St Thomas says “Jesus is the head of the Body and the Holy Spirit is the Heart, the Soul of the Body of Christ.” Both our heads and our hearts need the power and work of God.

In short. If we are the kind of person who only follows our heart. We are saying Jesus is not that important. If we are the kind of person who only follows our head. We are saying the Holy Spirit is not that important.

We need both our head and our heart when we make any decision in life.




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