Reflection on Epiphany from the ‘Soul Institute’

"Let the Fire Fall"

Happy Epiphany

What would have happened if the magi were women? They would not have gotten lost. They would have brought practical gifts. Instead of gold, frankincense and myrrh, they would have brought diapers, dinner and blankets. Just a little joke.

What was the purpose of the gifts? Traditionally gold was for Jesus Divinity. Frankincense was for Jesus as priest, and myrrh was for Jesus death. Kings were given gold, priests used frankincense. Bodies at death were anointed with myrrh.

I recently heard a talk on the magi that gave another answer about the gifts. In the ancient world the king owned everything. What would you give someone who already owned everything?

The magi were more magicians than kings. William Barclay writes, “These magi were soothsayers and interpreters of dreams, such was Elymas, the sorcerer (Acts 13:6,8) and Simon who is commonly called Simon Magus (Acts 8:9,11) At there best…

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2 thoughts on “Reflection on Epiphany from the ‘Soul Institute’”

  1. Thank you Father!

    And may I add that another of the purposes of the Epiphany was to show the world that at this point in history, both the sons of Isaac (represented by the shepherds of Bethlehem) and the sons of Ishmael (represented by the Magi from the East) finally saw that they no longer needed to fight over their birthright!

    Now God the Father was manifesting the fact that He Himself was sending His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to carry on the birthright of God’s family which would encompass both Jews and Gentiles, and that there no longer needed to be a quarrel between the two lines of Abraham.

    How good of those Shepherds of Bethlehem and those Magi from the East to recognize this fact and “lay down their arms” so to speak, and recognize that God’s plan had now taken a new turn. Clearly they were ready to follow willingly. May God grant that in our own times, too, we may see a uniting of all men under the banner of Jesus Christ, the Son of God Himself.

    Epiphany blessings, Father!


    Cathy Tulloch Ashburn

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