Latest edition of Dante Infereno new and revised

"Let the Fire Fall"

And Virgil found the door to hell after a long journey

He looked up and above the door it read, “The DMV Abandon all hope all who enter here”

The first ring of hell entering the door of the DMV

The second ring of hell waiting in line to get your ticket, Virgil looks around and see people who have been in  line for centuries

The third ring of hell getting your ticket and forms you need to fill out

The fourth ring of hell seeing that your ticket is B245 and B12 has just been called, Virgil looks around there are wails of pain and anguish

The fifth ring of hell, you filled the form out wrongly so you have to go back to first ring and make your way back, Virgil looks around and notices that the number of people in hell is greater than all of Fairfax County put…

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