Is the Dove Light on in Your Car

"Let the Fire Fall"

I always get anxious when I see the engine light go on in my car dashboard. I think to myself, ‘What’s going on? I brought my car in last month when the engine light went on.!” Imagine that you are a car. Does the dove light go on? When all things are going well and you are moving in the Holy Spirit the dove light goes on. This shows that you are on the right track. That the engine of your soul is moving by the Holy Spirit.

What is this dove light? It is the gift of understanding. In today’s gospel we encounter two discouraged men walking towards Emmaus. Msgr Charles Pope writes, “The men cannot see or understand God’s plan. They cannot ‘see’ that he must be alive. They are quite blind to the glorious things that have already happened, just hour before. Their eyes are cast downward. And in…

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