In Your Light we See Light Reflection from the ‘Soul Institute’

This morning as I was in prayer the Holy Spirit help me to see that faith is a new way of ‘Seeing.’ In prayer I saw an image of an old TV. Remember when you used to turn on the TV and the picture would be out of focus. And you would turn knobs and dials to put the picture into focus. (now I know this is an image totally foreign to anyone younger than 30 years old.) But as I was watching what looked like a TV screen that picture came more and more into focus. That is an image of faith. By faith we the clouds and distortions are faded away and the true picture come into focus. faith is a light by which we see. We prayed at the end of mass today “In your light we see light.”

Faith enables us to see the true picture. And when we see the true picture it means that what we see will come into being. St Thomas Aquinas said by faith we see the final picture-the end- and than we work towards it. When we see something by faith. It is God who has granted us the ability to see it by faith. Why did he allow us to see it? Because it is an image of a grace that he is going to grant and he wants us to walk towards what we see. Now faith enables us to ‘See’ what God is doing and will do.

Faith is a light. By the light of faith we see. Pope Francis wrote in his Encyclical Letter ‘The Light of Faith’ ” There is an urgent need, then, to see once again that faith is a light, for once the flame of faith dies out. All other lights begin to dim. This light of faith is unique,since it is capable of illuminating every aspect of human existence…Faith is born of an encounter with the Living God who calls us and reveals his love, a love which precedes us and upon which we can lean for security and for building our live. Transformed by this love, we gain fresh vision, new eyes to see; we realize that it contains a great promise of fulfillment, and that a vision of the future opens up before us….We come to see that faith does not dwell in shadows and gloom; it is a light for our darkness. Dante, in the Divine Comedy, after professing his faith to Saint Peter, describes that light as a ‘spark’ which becomes a burning flame and like a heavenly star within me glimmers.'”(4)

By faith may you see the true picture. And may your 1970 TV be brought into focus.

Prayer today
Jesus you are light from light
Holy Spirit you are the light
Father you are the Father of Light
Holy Trinity bestow upon me the Light of Faith
May this Light that dwells in my heart become ever more brighter
Grant me the vision to see the great gifts that you are waiting to give me and those for whom I pray


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