Post from Barnes and Nobel just finished learning about the cloud 10 ways I cloud is like Holy Spitit

1 They both have name of Cloud 2 What exactly is the I Cloud it kinda there in the sky The Holy Spirit is like a Holy Ghost 3 Both have all information in it 4 You can access the Cloud You can access the Holy Spirit 5 Things will come down from the cloud u are like where did that come from The Holy Spirit gives u information unexpectedly 6 you need to turn the Cloud on You need to be open to Holy Spirit 7 the I cloud and Holy Spirit is everywhere and no where 8 When u store information in the Clouds doesn’t eat up data the Holy Sprit build on what u know 9 by virtue of the Cloud can share photos the Holy Spirit enables u to share what Holy Spirit gives u 10 everyone needs to be connected to the Cloud we all need to be connected to the Cloud of Holy Spirit. Are u in the Cloud

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  1. Hi Fr. Stefan,
    Hoping to be in the “clouds” with u in April, on our way to France.
    Happy New Year

    Mac McSweeney

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