Reflection from the ‘Soul Institute’ Papa Francis Prayer is not Asprin

Papa Francis recently preached about prayer. prayer is “More than aspirin”

The Pope then explained that prayer is not “a good practice to get some peace of heart” nor a “means to obtain from God what is useful to us.”

If prayer were this, he warned, it would be egotistical: “I pray to be well, as if I took an aspirin.” Or prayer would be like a business, doing it to obtain something.

Related: During Jan. 31st Angelus Address, Pope warned against seeing religion as a human investment and consequently, to begin to “negotiate” with God, seeking our own interests

“Prayer, instead,” Francis explained, “is a work of spiritual mercy, which wishes to lead everything to God’s heart. ‘You take charge, who are a Father.’ It should be this way, to say it simply. Prayer is to say: ‘You take charge, who are Father. Look at us, who are Father.’ This is relation with the Father. Prayer is this. It is a gift of faith and of love, an intercession of which there is need as of bread. In a word, it means to entrust: to entrust the Church, to entrust people, to entrust situations to the Father – ‘I entrust this to you’ – so that He takes care of it. Prayer, therefore, as Padre Pio loved to say, is ‘the best weapon we have, a key that opens God’s heart.’ A key that opens God’s heart: it is an easy key. God’s heart is not armoured with many means of security. With prayer, you can open it with an ordinary key, because He has a heart of love, the heart of a Father.”

How often are we convinced we know what is best for us? Our prayers often reflect this belief that I know what is best for me. That is why we so often ask for this or that from God. Papa Francis is teaching us that God knows what is best for us. Prayer is giving to God every person and situation in our life.

When we allow God to take charge. When we simply give God every problem, situation in our life than we allow God to work our a solution that is greater than anything we could or would have thought up. God wants to surprise us.

Papa Francis preached last Monday that God wants to exceed our expectation. Even we we are fail or felt we have failed. Papa Francis was preaching last Sunday about the apostles who were fishing all night and caught nothings. Jesus said to throw the nets again one more time into the water. The apostles caught such a great number of fish that the nets were on the point of tearing. “Jesus wants to exceed your expectations. Simply Trust in Jesus.”

In prayer today give Jesus every situation in your life, and allow Jesus to exceed your expectations. Let God surprise You.


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