Thought that came in prayer this Morning ‘Soul Institute’ you have the Holy Spirit when you love Unity

Thought that came to me in prayer this morning….The Holy Spirit is in the Body of Christ the Church…an early Church Father said…’Where the Church is the Holy Spirit is..and where the Holy Spirit is there is the Church.’ Why do I say that Pope Francis is the Vicar of Christ…Papa Francis is the Pope. If Someone leaves the Church thinking they know better than Papa Francis then they they are like a limb that has been cut off from the Body. The life is in the Body not in the cut of limb. When a part of the body is cut of it dies. Having the Holy Spirit is not a matter of how many prayers u say to the Holy Spirit…Having the Holy Spirit is a matter of being part of the body…As Saint Augustine said…As the Soul is to the Body The Holy Spirit is to the Church…The Holy Spirit is the Soul of the Church.” St Augustine also said…You have the Holy Spirit to the degree that you love Unity…That is why Ecumenism is a work of the Holy Spirit…The Holy Spirit is at work when we see the seeds of truth everywhere…and When Christian of all walks of life come together in humility to proclaim the Lordship of Christ….
Thought for the day…You have the Holy Spirit to the degree that you live in the Soul of the Church…You have the Holy Spirit to the degree that you love Unity…
Thought for Fr Stefan…that just came in prayer…This Morning

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  1. Thank you, Father Stefan, the Holy Spirit inspired you with this holy thought of the profound truth!!! Have a good Holy Week and a blessed joyous Easter Season. God bless.
    Humbly in Christ,
    Maria Ho

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