Animals and the Kingdom of God Thoughts from Fr Stefan

The Eagle is an image of John…Wisdom
The Ox Luke….Earth Dirt
Mark Lion…Gives a mighty roar…
Mathew is the Man….Jesus is the Son of Man

A Giraffe….The Giraffe is able to eat of the leaves of the tree of life from the top of the tree…The Giraffe remains faithful to the Eucharist in times of trail
The Giraffe is a symbol of courage…he is able to stick his neck out for the truth..

The Sea Lion….When you are alone on the beach and the pirates are coming…the Sea Lions by the thousands will come out of the sea and protect you….
The Sea lion is a symbol of healing love of God….As the sea lions lives on the earth and sea….we receive help in time of need from the earth and the Angels of Heaven.

The Grizzle….Apex animal of the land…How beautiful the the object of fear…would come to our defense…As Daniel was in the den of Lions….God protected him…God not only protects us from the Grizzle….The Grizzle come to us as our friend…

The Oraca….Feel into the water…The Orca is a symbol of the unity of live…Yin/Yang Black and White….the Circle of Life..The Apex animal of the sea…The Orca shows us that we have nothing to fear

The Owl….
The Owl is a symbol of wisdom…The Wisdom of God

All of creation proclaims the Glory of God….

St Therese the Little Flower said that if we have the eyes to see…everything in creation…even the smallest ants…proclaims something of the greatest of God….


One thought on “Animals and the Kingdom of God Thoughts from Fr Stefan”

  1. Wow! Father Stefan, you certainly have some interesting dreams. Very few dreams do I remember and many times they do not make sense. Had a dream about my pastor several days ago. Will have to ask the Holy Spirit how to interpret it. Thanks for your beautiful reflects on life and on our loving God. God bless you on this Ascension Sunday. Peggy

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