Thursday is the Feast of Saint Philip Neri Parton saint of Joy and Laughter Poem by Father Stefan ‘Ode to Joy’

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Phillip Neri. He is Patron of Joy and Laughter.
So here is my Ode to laughter. This is a stream of Cons…2 minute poem….

Ode to Laughter

It is Odious to think of the Ode to Laughter
In Church there are Crying Room
What about having a ‘Laughing Room’?
Laughing Gas of the Holy Spirit
Jesus in the ballon and the Holy Spirit is the laughting gass in the ballon
The laughting gass comes out slowing swerlling around
Ka Ka, Ka
Coo Puff Coo for Coo Puff
Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water
let the feather of the Holy Spirit tickle the funny bone in the center of your Belly

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