Another Teaching Part 2 For Corpus Christ Sunday Deification”Eucharist and the Holy Spirit” ‘Soul Institute’

"Let the Fire Fall"

Daniel Keating in his book, ‘Deification and Grace’ writes,” John of Damascus describes the body of Christ as ‘deified’ itself, communicating to us in the Eucharist, like a burning coal, the divine fire and life-and all this because of the life-giving power of the Spirit:

‘The bread and the wine are not merely figures of the body and blood of Christ but the defied body of the Lord itself…And let us apply our eyes and lips and brows and partake of the divine coal, in order that the fire of the longing that is in us, with the additional heat derived from the coal may utterly consume our sins and illumine our hearts, and that we may be inflamed and deified by the participation in the divine fire…For the Lord’s flesh is life-giving spirit because it was conceived of the life-giving Spirit. For what is born of the Spirit is…

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