Bath of Renewal in the Holy Spirit before and after Baprism 

The water is gross filthy and disgusting. Grime is everywhere.The tub has not been clean in years in fact ever. It is in the Tub that you bath to become clean but how can this dirty water and tub clean you? In Baptism Mary Jesus and Your Guardian Angel un plug the Stopper.All your Shame Guilt Sin Grime and Filth goes down the drain into the sewer. Mary touches the Fount and it glows with The Whiteness of Marble. Pure and White. Mary pour scented rose water into the pure clean Fount. Mary and Jesus ask the Father to send the Pure Water Cleansing Watet of the Holy Spirit into the Fount. You step into this Fount A renewal and Re Birth by the Holy Spirit in this Regenerating Bath. You are made Clean and Fragarant in this Bath. Mary hands you a Robe of God Love to Cover You. 

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