The Breath of God reflection ‘Soul Institute’

What was the first thing the disciples noticed at Pentecost? A noise?

“Suddenly from the sky, from no particular place and from everywhere there came a strong driving wind.” The Holy Spirit blows where he wills. Pope Francis tells us “The temptation is always within us to resist the Holy Spirit, because he takes us out of our comfort zone and unsettles us…it is always easier and more comfortable to settle in our sedentary and unchanging ways. In truth, the Church shows her fidelity to the Holy Spirit in as much as she does not try to control or tame it.”

Imagine if we allowed the Holy Spirit to do what he wanted to do? The Holy Spirit is a driving and wild wind. The Holy Spirit is also a breath and gentle breeze.

Reniero Cantalamessa in his book ‘Come Creator Spirit’ writes ” In the school of ‘Brother Wind.’ Now we can go back to the symbol of wind and breath because they help us get a visual image….They tell us what the Spirit does, and this is what makes them so useful to us at this time. Let’s go to the school of ‘Brother Wind.’ as Saint Francis called it. The wind will remind us if many things, if we look at it with new eyes washed clean by the word of God…Look, for example, at what happens when a strong, blustery wind blows. Trees bend and sway; if we try to resist the wind, like the mighty cedars of Lebanon, they break. This reminds us of the Church’s prayer: ‘Bend our wills, however rebellious they may be, to you.’ Look now at the little green leaves that stream out lightly in the wind and suffer no damage as they allow it to pass. Our souls are to be sensitive and docile to the Spirit as the young green leaves are to the wind. A Christian text dating back to the second century says that the human soul is like an Acolian harp that sounds as the wind passes through it, and that the Holy Spirit is the wind that strums on the strings of the soul to draw from it sounds of sweet harmony.”

Father Pivonka T.O.R. in his book ‘Breath of God’ writes “Breath on me. ‘Jesus, come with your Holy Spirit.’ Pray that God will breath life into any doubts you may have… Take a moment and ask God to breath faith into your heart. Pray that God would breath power and strength into your weakness. Pray that at this very moment the Lord would breath the same life-giving breath that rested on the apostles. The breath that moved frightened followers from a locked room to the corners of the earth. Pray that God would breath that life into you. Pray that the Father would breath courage into your fear.”

Jesus breath on us from the cross. When someone is dying a person will often give that person mouth to mouth resuscitation. Jesus gives us mouth to mouth resuscitation when he blows into us the Holy Spirit. Jesus gives us a kiss from the cross.

Here is a prayer that came to me today
Father breath on me Your Holy Spirit
Jesus breath on my Your Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit be the breath that fills my lungs heart and soul
Mary help me to receive the breath of God

3 thoughts on “The Breath of God reflection ‘Soul Institute’”

  1. ️Amen. Father God, Jesus, Son of the Father, please send the Holy Spirit Your breath upon me today. ️Amen

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