The Breath of God reflection ‘Soul Institute’

"Let the Fire Fall"

What was the first thing the disciples noticed at Pentecost? A noise?

“Suddenly from the sky, from no particular place and from everywhere there came a strong driving wind.” The Holy Spirit blows where he wills. Pope Francis tells us “The temptation is always within us to resist the Holy Spirit, because he takes us out of our comfort zone and unsettles us…it is always easier and more comfortable to settle in our sedentary and unchanging ways. In truth, the Church shows her fidelity to the Holy Spirit in as much as she does not try to control or tame it.”

Imagine if we allowed the Holy Spirit to do what he wanted to do? The Holy Spirit is a driving and wild wind. The Holy Spirit is also a breath and gentle breeze.

Reniero Cantalamessa in his book ‘Come Creator Spirit’ writes ” In the school of ‘Brother Wind.’…

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