Father Stefan new idea for Homily on Sunday July 17 on Ask Seek Receive in prayer St Therese secret to prayer take Jesus by the Heart ‘Soul Institute’

St Therese ‘Take Jesus by the Heart’

We read in the first reading how Abraham prayed with boldness to God “…Still Abraham went on, since I have thus dared to speak to my Lord, what if there is no more than twenty?’ The Lord answered ‘I will not destroy it, for the sake of the twenty.’ But he still persisted: ‘Please, let not my Lord grow angry if I speak up this last time. What if there are at least ten there? He replied, for the sake of those ten, I will not destroy it.'”

In the Gospel we read “And I tell you, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who ask, receives, and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. What Father among you would hand his son a snake when he asks for a fish? Or hand him a scorpion when he asks for an egg? If you then, who are wicked, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?”

St Therese tells her sisters “Our vocation, yours and mine, is not to go harvesting in the fields of ripe corn; Jesus does not say to us, ‘Lower your eyes and look at the field, and go and reap them….” Our mission is still loftier. Here are Jesus words.’Lift up your eyes, and see…’ See how in my heavens there are places empty; it is for you to fill them…each one of you is my Moses Praying on the Mountain, ask me for laborers and I shall send them, I await only a prayer, a sigh from your heart! Is not the apostolate of prayer still lifted higher, so to speak than the apostolate of preaching? Our mission as Carmelites, is to form those gospel laborers, they will save millions of souls whose mother we shall be.”

John Udris in his book ‘The Fearless Trust of St Therese Holy Daring’ writes in his the chapter ‘The Humble Boldness of Saint Therese’

“I don’t hasten to the first place but to the last; rather than advance like the Pharisee, I repeat, filled with the confidence, the publican’s humble prayer. Most of all I imitate the conduct of the Magdalene; her astonishing or rather her loving audacity which charms the Heart of Jesus attracts my own.”

Book of Hebrew tells us “To approach the Throne of Grace with Boldness.”

“The image of leaping int the arms of one’s judge come through again and again in the teaching of Saint Therese. She tells a parable of her won with the explicit intention of showing ‘how much Jesus love even imperfect souls who confide in Him’ She asks us to imagine two disobedient children, who deserve to be reprimanded by their father. The first runs away in fear, while the other chooses to throw herself into his father’s arms openly protesting his guilt and demanding a kiss as punishment! What parent could resist such ‘filial confidence’ shown by one’s child? In this parable Therese employs an arresting phrase ti describe the child’s behavior towards the father. She call it ‘Taking Him By The Heart.'”

“Personally, I find perfection quite easy because I have realized that all one has to do is take Jesus By The Heart.”

“Consider a small child who has displeased his mother, by flying into a rage or perhaps disobeying her; if he sulks in a corner and screams in fear of punishment, his mother will certainly not forgive his fault; but if he comes to her with his little arms out stretched, smiling and saying: ‘Kiss me, I won’t do it again.’ surely his mother will immediately press him tenderly to her heart, forgetting all that he has done…Of course she knows quite well that her dear little by will do it again at the first opportunity but that does not matter, if he takes her By The Heart he will never be punished.”

“If I had committed all possible crimes,I would always have the same confidence; I feel that the whole multitude of offenses would be like a drop of water thrown into a fiery furnace.”

‘The word she uses here is ‘jeter’ which draws on the same root as the English word ‘jettison’ In the name of Jesus, Therese dares us to jettison our sins. She uses the same word to describe not only how we should throw our sins ‘with entire filial confidence’ into the devouring flames of the fire of God’s Love, but also how boldly we should throw ourselves into the very arms of our judge.’

“Oh! how I wish I could make you realize what I mean!…It is trust and nothing but trust, that must bring is to Love.”

Her sister said about her power of intercession “Her loving confidence in our Lord made her extraordinarily daring in the things that she asked for.”

“I shall give the Good God no rest till He has given me all I want.” She who has learned how to corner him by her confidence here on earth would continue to ‘spend her heaven.’ in doing just that on behalf to others. In a letter to Celine years earlier, she had already written her creed ‘Let us not grow tired of prayer: confidence words miracles.”

With St Therese “Take Jesus by the Heart.”

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