Father Bob ‘There is about Bob’ and discernment and St Therese ‘Soul Institute’

I only went on two retreat with Father Bob. But every teaching he gave has resonated in my heart. Father Bob gave a teaching on discernment and the ‘Now Word.’ Father Bob teaching sounds a lot like what St Therese taught on discernment.

Father Bob taught that God’s Will is only found in the present moment. The ‘Now Word as he called it. God only gives us a Now Word. God told his people to only take the bread that they needed for the day.

God never gives tomorrow word today. God only give you the now word today. If you are faithful to the now word then God will give you tomorrow word tomorrow. God doesn’t show you tomorrow word today.

If you want to be faithful to God. Ask God to give you the ‘Now Word’ and if you are faithful to that ‘Now Word’ God will give you a new word tomorrow and so on. Father Bob taught that discernment is not that difficult. All you have to do is be faithful to the ‘Now Word.’

That being said I am reading ‘Two Sisters in the Spirit.’ St Therese teaching sound a lot like Father Bob. Here are some thought from St Therese that I just read.

Just got called to hospital to give last rites…


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