Gospel for this Sunday is about Humility Thoughts on Humility From ‘Raymond Richmond”‘Soul Institute’

To live in humility is to live always in total confidence of God’s Love, protection, and guidance.

In Humility there is no fear, in humility there is only confidence-confidence, not in the self, but in God’s loving protection.

Consider the nature of water, a weak and lowly substance that flows freely around all obstacles. If you live a life of the same ‘humility’ as water even the jaws of hell cannot bite into you. But the more solid you become in the pride of your own strength to avenge yourself against insults, the more those jaws have to grasp onto

Within the virtue of humility are three different graces that allow is to love holy lives:

1 The grace to set aside your attempts to make yourself feel ‘special’ through your seeking the acceptance and admiration of others;

2 the grace to overcome your repugnance to feeling emotionally hurt by others

3- the grace to seek the good of others, in all things, setting aside all resentment, and competition

Still, let’s be careful that this is done in a psychological healthy manner

First, it’s good when our work is recognized and appreciated, and it;s good to have a desire for accomplishment. The spiritual point about humility is that it’s important not to crave this accomplishment as an aspect of a personal identity

Second although we will fill hurt when someone insults us the spiritual point is that we don’t need to build up psychological defenses to protect ourselves from the pain of being insulted of only, even on our deepest hurt we always endeavor to trust in God, who gives us the grace to encounter all difficulties and dangers without resentment and anger

Thirdly although ‘placing others first’ runs counter to natural self preservation, the spiritual point is that, if we really trust in God, not only can we stop competing with others to compensate for our insecurity, but we can endeavor to notice the needs of others, looking on others with compassion in the hope that they might be saved from their own desperate obsession with self preservation

2 thoughts on “Gospel for this Sunday is about Humility Thoughts on Humility From ‘Raymond Richmond”‘Soul Institute’”

  1. Very interesting on humility, never heard it worded this way before. God bless you. Thank you Father Stefan. I definitely can use more lessons on humility.

  2. Hi Father, Thank you for this. Grace, Grace, Grace is my prayers. I think it is possible to do this if we learn detachment… (moving from dual thinking to the unity of Christ) and blessing to remove the existing defenses, that are hidden from our awareness, because they have been deeply embedded into our natural reactions….

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