Father Stefan Reflection for the day Feb 1 Holy Spirit and knowing God Will

The Liturgy of The Hours today has a reading on ‘Spiritual Perfection’ by Diadochus of Photice, bishop. He writes “Therefore, we mist maintain great stillness of mind, even in the midst of our struggles. We shall then be able to distinguish between different types of thoughts that come to us: those that are good, those sent by God, we will treasure in our memory; those that are evil and inspired by the devil we will reject. A comparison with the sea may help us. A tranquil sea allows the fisherman to gaze right to its depths. No fish can hide there and escape his sight. The stormy sea, however, becomes murky when it is agitated by the winds. The very depths that it revealed in its placidness, the sea now hides. The skills of the fisherman are useless.”

“Only the Holy Spirit can purify the mind: unless the strong man enters and robs the thief, the booty will not be recovered. So by every means, but especially by peace of soul, we must try to provide the Holy Spirit with a resting place…This is why the Apostles says ‘Do not stifle the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of goodness: do not grieve him by your evil actions and thoughts, and so deprive yourself of the defense his light afford you. In his own being, which is eternal and life-giving, he is not stifled, in darkness, deprived of the light of knowledge.”

Fr Wilfried Stinissen in his book ‘The Holy Spirit Fire of Divine Love’ tells us “The voice of the Spirit always creates inner harmony. He does not bring about alienation. The one who obeys him feels he has become more himself, that he has received a genuine ‘identity’ and a greater rootedness’

‘The entire Gospel gives witness to this. Zachariah prophesies about Jesus that ‘through the tender mercy of our God…the day shall dawn upon us from on high…to guide our feet in the way of peace’ (Lk 1:78-79). ‘Peace I leave with you.’ says Jesus Jesus (Jn 14:27). and he greets with the words: ‘Peace be with you.’ (Jn 20:19)

‘It can happen that the Spirit’s voice creates a holy restlessness at first. For example, it is typical for a religious vocation often to give rise to feeling of resistance. But if the vocation is genuine, it will afterwards lead to a deep peace. Thrown a magnet into iron filings. The first reaction is a great stir. This is because the small particles are set in motion by the magnet and hurry to take up their new position.’

‘If you wish to know if it is the Spirit speaking, wait a little while, and see if Joy and peace are lasting. This rule can also be formulated in the reverse: If you heeded an impulse that you believed to be from the Holy Spirit but never experienced peace in it, you were mistaken and must admit that this impulse cannot have come from the Holy Spirit.’

Scripture says ‘Be Still and Know that I am God.’ Spend a few minutes today. Just be quiet for a few minutes and see what the Holy Spirit is telling you today.’


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