‘Look to Mary’ in Your Suffering News letter for hospital on Christian Meaning of Human Suffering ‘

Simeon said to Mary, “… and a sword will pierce your heart so that thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.” As the sword pierce the Heart of Jesus and Water and Blood flowed Out. The Sword the Pierced Jesus Heart also Pierced Mary’s Heart.

Many of us have seen the beautiful Michelangelo statue, The Pieta. How beautiful to see Mary holding the dead the Body of Jesus. Mary is holding His Body so tenderly. As Mary Held the Dead Body of Jesus taken from the cross, Mary still holds the wounded Body of Christ today. Where there is Suffering Mary is holding the Wounded Body of Christ. That is why Mary is connected to so many places of healing like Lourdes and Guadalupe.

Mary comes to us when we are wounded and hurting. As the song says, “When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me.” As Our Mother of Sorrows she holds us kisses and dresses our wounds. Mary holds our body like she held the Body of Jesus taken from the cross. As Mary holds our Body, she presents us to Jesus, showing Him our wounds so that He might place His Wounded Hands on our wounds and heal us.

Where there is Suffering and Pain there is Mary. One of the things that we all have in common is that all people suffer. A woman on Park Avenue and a homeless woman who both lose a baby, both suffer in body and spirit. Mary is close to all who suffer. When we are suffering Mary is holding our hand and showing our wounds to Jesus.

John Paul II writes in his letter on ‘The Meaning of Human Suffering’ Together with Mary, Mother of Christ, who stood beneath the cross, we pause besides all the crosses that we all face. We invoke all the saints, who down the centuries in a special way shared in the suffering of Christ. We ask them to support us. And we ask all of you who are weak to become a source of strength for the Church and humanity.’


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