Jesus came to give us ‘Rest’

“Let the Fire Fall”
Jesus came to give us rest and Holy Joy

Jesus says in the Gospel this Sunday, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Mat 11:26) The priest prayed in the opening prayer this morning, “Fill your faithful with a holy joy.”

Jesus is our Sabbath Rest. We rest in the heart of Jesus. We find our holy joy in the heart of Jesus.

John Paul II in ‘Dies Domini’ writes, “Christians celebrate the weekly day (Sunday) of the Risen Lord as a day of joy. ‘On the first day of the week you shall all rejoice’ the first Christians proclaimed….Sunday, as a weekly echo of the first encounter with the Risen Lord, is unfailing marked by the joy with which the disciples greeted the master: ‘The disciples rejoiced to see the Lord.’ (Jn 20:20)…Christian joy must mark the whole of life, and not just one day of the week. But in virtue of its significance as the day of the Risen Lord, celebrating God’s work of creation and the ‘new creation’ Sunday is the day of joy in a very special way, indeed the day most suitable for learning how to rejoice and to rediscover the true nature and deep roots of joy…Pope Paul VI wrote in his Exhortation ‘On Christian Joy,’ ‘In essence, Christian joy in a sharing in the unfathomable joy, at once divine and human found in the heart of the glorified Christ.’”

Holy Spirit fill us with a holy joy. I love the line that we share in the unfathomable joy in the heart of the glorified Christ.

As Pope Francis wrote in ‘Joy of the Gospel’ our masses ought not to look like a funeral. Our masses ought to be filled with the joy of the Lord.


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