Fr Stefan working notes for his book on the healing of Family Tree Mary Song of Praise

George T. Montague in his book ‘Mary’s Life in the Spirit’ writes ‘God’s Faithfulness to His Promises. And that is what she said in the concluding line: ‘He has helped Israel, his servant, remembering his mercy (as he promised our fathers) to Abraham and his descendants forever.’ (Luke 1:54-55) God’s love for his people Israel, shown in the past and now brought to a climax in the sending of the Savior, means that he has remembered Abraham…When God remembered, he does more; he moves to save. So God’s remembered Noah floating on the flood waters and sent a wind to dry them up. (Genesis 8:1) God ‘remembered’ Abraham and saved his nephew Lot (19:29) God ‘remembered’ Rachel and enabled her to conceive (30:22) He ‘remembered’ his covenant with Abraham and sent Moses to lead his people to freedom. (Exodus 2:24) So God has now remembered his mercy and his loving kindness ti Abraham and has sent his offspring, Jesus to save his people.’

‘To-non-Jews-and that is most of us-it may sound off that sending Jesus is God;s remembering an ancestor lost in the midst of remote time. But the Jews had a keen sense of God’s fidelity, his faithfulness to his promise. Jesus is not just a savior suddenly sent to rescue a world gone amok; he is the fulfillment of a promise. This is a major theme of Paul’s Letter to the Romans. God has fulfilled his promise-has shone himself righteous to his covenant promise-by sending Jesus.

‘Thus, Mary’s mention of Abraham at the finale of her song is significant. She see her blessing not just in cosmic hues for the future; she see it a climaxing a love story that had begun thousands of years earlier when God chose Abraham and made him the father of nations. (Genesis 17;4-6) Moreover, God blessed Abraham because of his faith in God’s incredible promise. (15:6) Mary, too, unlike Zechariah but in perfect sync with Father Abraham, is blessed for her faith in an even more incredible promise. (Luke 1:45)


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