Mary and the Doves

Last night in my dream ‘I was releasing Doves into the air, One dove flew and spread it wings with the Sun behind it, was beautiful, another dove flew up like an eagle, wondrous to behold, the third dove was beautiful but landed at my feet.’ so in reflecting on my dream I will write a short poem titles ‘Mary and the Doves.’

In the Heart of Mary lives the Doves of the Holy Spirit
Mary holds the first white dove of peace
Mary is the New Noah announcing peace and hope
The Dove spreads its wings with the beautiful golden sun
A GOLDEN GLOBE of light holding the dove at it center
The wings of the dove touching the edges of the Golden Globe
The Second Dove Mary release flies to the sky like an Eagle
Soaring with powerful wings to the Heaven
The Third Dove Mary releases is as beautiful as the other two
But this Third Dove does not take flight but lands on the earth at the feet of Mary
Why doesn’t the third dove fly like an eagle to the Sun or Heavens?
What is wrong?
Than it occurs to me
The Third Dove staying on earth is the Dove that is given to you and me
The Third Dove is the Dove that announcing peace to all mankind
This Third Dove is the Dove of Peace that is given to all the Earth

Mary today is giving you 3 Doves
First Dove flies to the Sun
Second Dove Flies to the Heaven
The Third Dove Lands at your feet to give you peace


One thought on “Mary and the Doves”

  1. Thanks be to Papa God and to Jesus His son for the gifts of the third Dove in the poem. Our blessed Holy Spirit is our wisdom and our comfort. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. JMJ Thank you Fr. for the beautiful sharing of the poem from Our Lady. JMJ

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