All because of need for Holy Water

Interesting story.. get paged.. told family patient is Baptist but they want a Catholic priest to come..
I come.. learn no one has been in a Catholic Church.. but they thought he ought to be blessed with holy water., and only a Catholic Priest can make Holy I do that.. do a blessing make some holy water.. give them my Padre Pio folder and say ‘would you like me to give your dad last rites Catholic Style.. please.. I explain Apostolic Blessing… take away sin.. they say ‘please’
Then put picture of Divine Mercy in Room. Pray the Chaplet…
So all because.. a family that never step foot in a Catholic Church.. thought we need Holy Water/ and only a Catholic Priest can give Holy Water.
Invoke intercession of Jesus Mary and Joseph
Fr Stefan Catholic Priest/ Holy Water provider…

Leave Holy Water in room for future use

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