Father Stefan Paul Starzynski


5 thoughts on “Father Stefan Paul Starzynski”

  1. Hi Father Stefan…It’s Doug Tocio from the Boston area. Hope you are doing well. Just finished reading your Aug. 30 reflection. Thank you it was very good.
    I guess, I too am an obstacle to Our Lord’s Work. Sure wish I wasn’t, and am working very hard on my relationship with Our Lord. He truly has been so good to me.
    I’m in the fight of my life right now. But, I have great hope in Jesus Mercy. I believe with all my heart, God’s love for me will save me, even though I do not deserve it.
    Love to speak with you at some point if you have time. My cell is 781-879-4093 e-mail toc419@aol.com. Please don’t give up on me. You were very helpful to me during a very tough time.
    Thanks Father…..
    Doug Tocio

    1. Farther Stefan…. Thank you so very much for calling me, and to remind me that you would double your prayers for me. You have the Heart Of Jesus.

      In May of 12 or 13 not sure, they took me in for Open Heart Surgery. They had to replace the major valve in my heart. I had asked to speak to the Doctor who would be preforming the surgery. When he came in to my room, I politely informed him, that the very last Person who had worked on my heart, was none other than “Jesus Christ The Most high God”. I told him that my heart had been working without problems for [67 years[ and not to change anything without His[Jesus our Lord] being involved. Well….as you can see it went just fine. Eight and a half hour operation, and out of the hospital in four days. My problem was just a valve problem. However you have a much more serious problem then me, because you have an enlarged heart, just like your Masters!!

      Thank you Father and I want to thank your parents for loving you so much.
      God Bless you and may Our Dear Lord continue to Bless your work.

  2. Hi Father. Your Homily was very interesting tonight (and I am not implying other Homily’s were not interesting….. 🙂 )! We would like to hear more on ‘mercy’. Could you direct us to a source which I can read and learn more about God and Mercy? Thanks.

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