Received via comments August 27, 2010

“We know you will continue to be blessed and continue the blessing. You are truly a gift from God…”


Received via comments August 21, 2010

“Thank you for writing the Miracles Book… was a wonderful book to read and enjoy. Gave it to my daughter……..she in turn will pass it to her husband. Can’t wait till your next book…. The Holy Spirit is responsible for me getting this book. My priest said a Sat morning Mass last week to open your hearts to the Holy Spirit and He will change your life…………left mass and had an overwhelming desire to go to the book store…… was not in my plan for the day to go but I did………and long story short………found your book and I knew I was meant to take it home………..Thank you again”

Received via e-mail August 26, 2010

“Yes we are recovering after an amazing time with Fr Stefan – London is on fire waiting for his next trip – it was truly a very blessed time for all of us – many healings and conversions.”


Received via comments September 2, 2010

“I am looking forward for your new book, “Let God surprise you” and also expecting God’s surprises everyday!! Keep up your great work!”