Pope Francis God doesn’t meet our expectations He surprises Us

One of the challenges that we have in our Church today is that we approach the sacraments and church with a consumer society approach. We see the sacraments as a list of consumer goods that we have a right too. So when we approach the Eucharist, Anointing of the Sick simply as a consumer good. When we need to approach the sacraments with a touch of faith and humility. When we do God surprise us. Pope Francis said Sunday that God always surprises people with the way he works, and because of this, believers should be open to the Lord’s way of thinking and acting, rather than expecting him to conform to their aspirations. “Today the Lord invites us to assume an attitude of humble listening and docile waiting, because the grace of God often presents itself to us in surprising ways, which don’t line up with our expectations,” Give God your human expectations. God doesn’t meet our expectations. He surprises us.


Fr Stefan top 10 things that cry Americana

Fr Stefan 10 Top Things That Say Americana 10 Hot Dog 9 All you can eat Chinese Buffet 8 5 Guys 7 58 oz Cups of Coffee 6 Over Sized Toyota Trucks 5 Learning about George Washington Chopping down Cherry Tree 4 That Columbus discovered America 3 The Simpsons 2 Super Man 1 Majority of American not voting in National Elections

Fr Stefan conversion table from Soccer to Baseball Hockey and Football

For all you American out there who don’t follow Soccer. I will be a conversion chart for you with baseball hockey and football. 1 soccer goal equals 5 runs baseball 4 goals in hockey and 17 points in football. 2 Soccer goals equals 9 runs baseball 7 hockey goals and 29 points foot ball. 3 Soccer goals equals 14 runs baseball 11 hockey goals and 45 points football. So for you non soccer fans out there this is Fr Stefan conversion table from Soccer to baseball hockey and football.

Jesus says today in the Gospel ‘Only have Faith’ Fr Stefan top 10 things that will test my faith

10 To move a soccer ball down the field and passing the ball across the field 9 To to dribble a basket ball without looking at the Bell 8 to learn how to parallel park 7 to teach stretching exercises at the local gym 6 to write my Homily notes clearly 5 to become detail oriented 4 to enjoy drink Tea 3 to figure out where I stand politically 2 to go to the movies and not order the popcorn 1 to become the New Johnny Cash the Man in Black

Top 10 museum that Fr Stefan will skip this years

top 10 museums that fr stefan in DC will skipthis year
10 The history of the toilet plunger
9 the most famous Qu Tips in history
8 100 of the most famous pictures in black and while of people in Texas Sweating
7 The History of quilting
6 The History of Indian pottery
5 The fascinating world of stamps
4 The bisquits in American literature
3 Everything you wanted to know about cement
2 100 typewriters that changed the world
1 100 famous sock worn by rock stars

The Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Pope Francis said today ‘In contemplating Peter’s life and his confession of faith in the day’s Gospel, Catholics are also invited to reflect on the daily temptations that every disciple faces’ the pope said.

“Like Peter, we as a Church will always be tempted to hear those ‘whisperings’ of the evil One, which will become a stumbling stone for the mission,” he said, explaining that he used the word “whisper” because “the devil seduces from hiding, lest his intentions be recognized.”

“He behaves like a hypocrite, wishing to stay hidden and not be discovered.”

Christians, he said, can often be tempted to keep a “prudent distance” from the wounds of Christ, whereas Jesus himself bends down to touch humanity’s brokenness and asks Christians to join him in touching “the suffering flesh” of others.

“To proclaim our faith with our lips and our heart demands that we – like Peter – learn to recognize the ‘whisperings’ of the evil one,” he said. “It demands learning to discern and recognize those personal and communitarian pretexts that keep us far from real human dramas, that preserve us from contact with other people’s concrete existence and, in the end, from knowing the revolutionary power of God’s tender love.”

By choosing not to separate his glory from his death on the cross, Jesus frees both his disciples and the Church from “empty forms of triumphalism” which are void of love, service, compassion, and, ultimately, people, he said.

Jesus, Francis said, wants to free the Church from “grand illusions that fail to sink their roots in the life of God’s faithful people or, still worse, believe that service to the Lord means turning aside from the dusty roads of history.”

Wants the Church to be free from ’empty forms of triumphalism’ Pope Francis wrote is his book ‘Sin and Corruption’ ‘Every corruption grows and expresses itself in an atmosphere of triumphalism. Triumphalism is the breeding ground of corrupt attitudes, because experience says that such attitudes succeed, and so one feels a winner…Everything goes well. And with the wind filling the sails, situations are reordered and re-classified with wrong criteria.’

Thank you Jesus for the cross. The Glory of the Cross. We are never as close to Jesus as when we suffer. And St Paul says ‘We will be glorified with him provided that we suffer with him.’

May we say with St Paul ‘I will only glory in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ’ When we embrace the cross. The cross truly become the ladder to Heaven. The Cross becomes the Tree of Life.

Fr Stefan Top 10 things that will will merit enough sacrifice to get you our of Purgatory

Top 10 things to get me out of purgatory
10-Go to a museum for a whole year to learn the history of quilting
9-A whole month coloring Easter Eggs
8-A whole month spend knitting
7-25 classes in 8th grade on how to ball room dance
6-15 classes in 8th grade on how to Line Dance how to do the doe c doe
5- 2 weeks writing thank you letters in high school for your birthday presents
4- Keeping your room perfectly clean for 2 months
3- Reading the whole series of (I can’t remember the title) but the romance book where the girl falls in love with the vampire and the sparkle in the sunlight. This is how much it would be a sacrifice to read
2- Watching day time talk shows
1-Making a birthday cake from scratch