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St Joseph A model of ‘Faith’

Bishop Robert Barron says this about St Joseph ‘Joseph was willing to cooperate with the Divine Plan. Though he in no way knew it contours or deepest purpose…He trusted and let himself be led.’

We read in the Gospel today ‘Such was his intention when suddenly the angel of the Lord appeared in a dream and said to him ‘Joseph, son of David, have no fear about taking Mary as your wife. It is by the Holy Spirit that she has conceived this child. She is to have a son and you are to name him Jesus because he will save his people from their sins.’ When Joseph awoke he did as the angel of the Lord had directed him.’ (Mat 1, 16, 21-24)

Jospeh was obedient to God. The moment he knew God Will he did it. ‘When Joseph awoke he did as the angel of the Lord had directed him.’
While it is commonly believed that Joseph has no recorded words in scripture. This is not entirely true. Because Joseph was Guardian of Jesus. It was his responsibility to announce that Jesus is his name.
Joseph would told the world. His name is Jesus.

Saint John Paul II writes ‘Let us ask God to give us the same ‘obedience of faith’ that Joseph showed throughout his lifetime. May St Joseph strengthen us and help us to imitate the humble worker from Nazareth who listened to the Lord, safeguarding the gift that had been entrusted to him, and made a place for the Word of God to grow and live among us.’

Sister Maravillas writes ‘Devotion to St Joseph was a hallmark of St Theresa of Avila. Teresa attributed her miraculous cure to St Joseph. When she was living in the Incarnation Convent in Avila, she was struck with an ailment that left her half dead. She was paralyzed and was presumed death at one point. She prayed and prayed to Joseph and her prayer was answered. Her paralysis was cured and she was able to walk again even though her health had always been fragile after that.’

Follow St Joseph example in his obedient faith.
Also look to Joseph as a powerful intercessor in Heaven.

St Theresa of Avila wrote
‘I took for my advocate and lord the glorious Saint Jospeh and commended myself earnestly to him; and I found that this my father and lord delivered me both from this trouble and also from other and greater troubles concerning my honor and the loss of my soul, and that he gave me greater blessing than I could ask of him. I do not remember even now that I have ever asked anything of him which he has failed to grant.’

Saint Andre Bassette cured thousand of people through the intercession of St Joseph. He would tell us the sick rub some sick person with some Oil and ask St Joseph to heal the person. Andre took no credit. St Joseph worked the miracle.

Today on this Feast of St Joseph ask Joseph to pray for you.


Happy Feast of St Joseph

There is a statue of St Joseph sleeping. Remember it was in dreams that God spoke to St Joseph. Scripture says ‘Blessed are those who rest in the Lord.’ ‘And the Lord gives His Gift while they sleep’ Joseph could sleep because He Trusted. Jesus sleep in the boat during the storm. St Joseph pray for us that I can completely trust in Jesus. Let St Joseph say to you today. Jesus is watching over you. Imagine the baby Jesus resting in the arms of Joseph. St Jospeh reminds us to be at peace and trust that we are protected and cared for. St Joseph pray for Us.

Feast of St Joseph and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit teaching from ‘Soul Institute’ Gifts to Equip the Saints

via Feast of St Joseph and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit teaching from ‘Soul Institute’ Gifts to Equip the Saints

Love God Love Why does Love hurt ?

Why does love hurt? When we experience love it is like a scab being pulled off a wound. The scab service a need to heal. But it is also an ugly Reminder of the wound. To experience love is like having the scab ripped off. The wound bleeds again. But eventually the wound is transformed healed so there is no need for a scab. The wound is the wound of love. God love. Love is like Tearing the scab off a wound. But this is only that God Love can make the wound a diamond of God Grace.

Stephen W. Hawking Universe Hope and God quotes from the Washington Post

First may Stephen W. Hawking rest in peace.

Stephen Hawking wrote ‘Black holes ain’t as black as they are painted. They are not the eternal prison they were once though. Things can get out of a black hole, both to the outside and, possibly, to another universe. So if you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up. There is a way out.’

For a man you claim his goal is simple ‘To know it all.’ He uses the word ‘So if you feel you are in a black hole.’ Even one of the greatest intellects in our time is no different than the simplest of person. As Pascal said ‘The heart (the feeling, passions) has it reasons the mind know nothing about.’

His quote about black holes also points to the virtue of hope. The black hole can be an image of how he viewed the world. That at the bottom of everything or maybe more truly at the top of everything there is Hope. There is always hope.
For a man who said ‘God and Heaven are fairy tales.’ There is still a part of him that knew and felt-here is the word feeling- that there is a way out of the
black hole. Put in other words..I can here him say..Maybe just maybe there is a God. Maybe he had more hope than maybe church going people. One author said ‘Atheist often have more faith than those who claim to be believers.’

But as the Washington Post wrote about one of his marriages ‘But the marriage grew strained, in part because of her Christian faith and his adamant atheism, and in part because of what she called his remote and stoic temperament. She described him as an ‘all-powerful emperor.’

In the end it is an illusion to think we can understand it all. There is a wisdom in creation that far exceeds our intellect. May Stephen Hawking rest in peace. And I believe he has found his way out of the black hole. He has discovered that on the other side of the black hole is Love. The Love of God.
If you read this say a little prayer for Stephen Today.
Fr Stefan

Pentecost and acts of mercy and charity from Jacques Philippe new book ‘The Eight Doors of the Kingdom’

Father Joseph-Marie Verlinde writes ‘Charitable works, and good actions accomplished in the fire of the Holy Spirit, which Saint Paul invites us to perform freely for our enemies, have the goal of making their hearts ‘melt’ so that they are purified from the dregs or malice that prevents them from conversion.’

‘There is so much power in forgiveness and mercy; this is much more than a private affair. Every act of forgiving one might say, adds it bit to the fire of the Holy Spirit gathering over the person forgiven, and when there is enough of it, this fire will descend and make his or her heart melt. Every act of mercy helps prepare a Pentecost!’

‘The same interpretation applies to Jesus’ words in the Gospel: ‘Whenever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven.’ If I am courageous enough to release someone from vengeance on earth by forgiving him or her, it has immense repercussions in heaven: a Pentecost, a powerful outpouring of the Spirit is prepared, and one day it will happen.’ When or how is not for us to say, but one thing is certain. And ‘hope does not disappoint us’ St Paul says.’

Many in the church are praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Love and Fire. If we truly desire this outpouring of the Holy Spirit we are called to love and forgive those who have hurt us. When we love and forgive our enemies than The Father will send us a new rich outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Healing of the family tree ‘The Nut is beginning to break’

The Nut is Beginning to break. Jesus says ‘Unless the seed dies it remains just a seed. But if it dies it bring forth much fruit.’

Jesus says ‘If you have faith of a mustard seed. The seed will grow and became a tree large enough for the birds of the air to take shelter in it.’

Are you a hard nut? Do you have a thick head? Are you a hard nut to crack?
You just might be the hard nut that must break to bring healing to your family tree.

A sower went out to sow and threw the seeds on the field. The seed that fell on Good Soil produced fruit of a 30, 60 or 100 fold.

You might be the hard nut. But you have to allow the hard nut to crack if if you want to plant the seed for the healing of your family tree.

Question of the day. How do you know if you are the hard nut that needs to be cracked to bring healing to your family tree?

You are a hard nut if you are overly stubborn
You are the hard nut if you need to be right all the time
You are the hard nut if you have a hard time trusting and giving and receiving love
You are the hard nut if you live in your head
You are the hard nut if you always feel alone
You are the hard nut if you have a hard time forgiving
You are the hard nut if you hold on to grudge
You are the hard nut if you think nothing good happens to you

If you answer yes to any of these question. Than you are the nut that must crack so that the new tree of life make be reborn from the soil of God Grace, love and healing.