Father’s Messages

I remember visiting the Church where Jesus revealed his Sacred Heart to Saint Margaret Mary. I was staying at a hotel across the street from the Church. I woke up hearing these words ‘The farmer plants the seed it grows he knows not now’ God is greater than our plans and projects. God had an infinite number of ways of working out His Plan. All God need is our trust and faith. Pope Francis told us in today Homily. It’s not easy for us to enter into this logic of the unpredictability of God and to accept it in our lives,” he said, explaining that Lord encourages each person to have “an attitude of faith which overcomes our own projects, our calculations, our provisions.”On the parable of the mustard seed, Francis noted how the small seed grows to become one of the biggest plants in the garden, which is “an unpredictable, surprising growth.”This growth and sprouting inside history, he said, is not dependent on the work of man, but is “expressed by the power and goodness of God.” Pope Benedict tells us ‘God always fulfills His Promises. But He surprises us in the infinite ways he fulfills His Promises.’ Let God surprise you.


More great gifts for Dad on Father Day Top 10

10 A different Tie for each week of the year by mail 9 His and Her slippers 8 The Bath Room Guide to useless information 7 Tickets to the Ballet 6 The Bath Room Guide to useless information Expanded edition 5 A day when everyone agree that everything you say is full of profound wisdom and insight and laughs at all of your jokes 4 Board Game ‘Apple and Oranges 3 A Bar installed in the basements 2 A 64 inch TV with Stadium Seating… The number one gift for Father on Fathers Day…..a note from their children on how much they love him.

Top 10 gifts for Father Day

10 Beer Hat 9 How to make your wife fall in love with NASCAR 8 2 tickets to the Grand Monster Truck Rally 7 Socks snd Matching Tie 6 All you can get at the Joe Bar and Grill 5 The msn oven to make all you can eat Bacon 4 Book on How to make your wife fall in love with you again. 3 New Set of Decorative Pillows for the bed 2 New set of wine glasses and the number one gift for Father Day this year is…… a whole year worth of classes to learn Ball Room dancing with your wife.

NASCAR and the New Evangelization.

What can NASCAR teach us about the New Evangelization? Not sure. Watching NASCAR brings back wonderful experience of being stuck in traffic going down 95 to Fredericksburg. NASCAR bring back wonderful experience of driving in a circle for hours and ending where you began. NASCAR brings back wonderful experience of being in the hamster wheel. Because we love the 2 hour commute home after a wonderful relaxing day at work we want to watch other drive in a circle going no where. NASCAR reminds of gas is so cheep that we can drive for hour just for the Hell of it. NASCAR make you love again the Macho Man who revvies their engine to let you know how cool they are. NASCAR teach us that the model of driving around in a circle for hours going no where is the model that we need to follow for the Church and the New Evangelization.

Padre Pio Story Fr Stefan

Summary of Padre Pio. 4 weeks ago on the night of May 22. I had a dream. In the dream I pulled out a folder that I give out at the hospital. I pulled out a large image picture of Padre Pio face. On Wed 23. I drove up to Conn to bless a woman that had very serious cancer. When I got there after I anointed the woman the husband was showing me around the house. In his bed room he picked up a small picture of Padre Pio. He said I pray to him every day. I was amazed and told him that is the picture I saw in my dream last night. The husband said ‘When I go to Italy I make sure that I go to San Giovanni Rotondo to visit Padre Pio. On the drive home. I looked at my face book to learn that May 25 Is the birthday of Padre Pio. Taking this as a sign I was encouraged. The next day at the hospital May 25 Padre Pio Birthday I meet a man had a Italian magazine with Pope Francis at the tomb of Padre Pio. I took this as a sign. I talked to the man and he told me that his wife lived in a town next to San Giovanni Rotondo, and that his wife was baptized by Padre Pio in 1951. He also told me that his wife mother was healed by Padre Pio. His wife mother had an illness and could not have children so she personally went to Padre Pio to ask for his prayer. Remember they lived in a town right next to the monastery of Padre Pio. Well Padre Pio prayed for the woman and she was healed and had a baby. And this is the baby woman wife of the man that I meet. On Sat May 26, which is the day Padre Pio was baptized in Santa Ana’s Chapel. I thought to myself Fr Stefan why don’t you ask them if you can have a relic of Padre Pio. Than it occurred to me ‘Stefan you already have a relic of Padre Pio. Than I remember about 2 months ago I found a used book, a box of books someone was giving away. I took a book. And when I open it a piece of cloth of the robe of Padre Pio fell out of the book. It was a piece of the cloth from San Giovanni Rotondo. I took this as a sign. Last Monday I got a message that the Lady in Conn. The scans were clean. I called them yesterday and they are gushing with joy. So Go Padre Pio.

Mary has your back

This morning I felt heard Mary say ‘I am carrying you. And I have your back’ I never had this image of Mary before ‘I have your back.’ Mary would have our back in 2 ways. When we fall into her arms backwards. Also Mary saying ‘If someone goes after you. I have your back.’ Imagine the CEO of a business, a good friend,the president saying this. You would feel protected. Think of the Gangster Movies..I have your back. Well Mary is much more powerful than all these example. You can say to sin and fear in your life ‘Mary has my Back.’

Being a friend

Bring a friend is not rock science. You don’t have to completely healed. You just have to be someone who want to know ‘What is happening in your day’ so when they say ‘How is your day they mean it and actually want to know ‘ I think that really the basic of Friendship. I don’t think it even takes a lot of time. You want to know because you care about what happening in their life’’it is alike like St Therese definition of prayer ‘For me prayer is a surge of the heart to God embracing both joy and sorrow happiness and pain’ It is an honor to be a part of your life and your whole family.