More thoughts on Charisms fr Stefan

Thank you.. I am a poor writer. But this is a passion of mine. I have long felt that everything is found in St Thomas, in his theology of Grace. It was St Thomas that rediscover the theology of charism. And he put it I believe in the section on virtues. This is interesting for a couple of reasons.. that they are similarities between Charisms and virtues. While charisms are not habits that do share some similarities with virtues In that by virtue of our free will can choose to exercise a Charisms. God is a God of order. Also it not by accident that St Thomas defended St Francis in the 13c.. so in a way we nerd to unite St Thomas and St Francis together. Unite Charism and office
As LG teaches the charismatic and hierarchical form one Church. And that the visible Church serves the spiritual. As the humanity of Christ served his divinity in one person.
Only in the modern era have we divided the Church. All is grace.

I know you are busy but these are just some thought that go through my head.

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