Prayer is like a decorative towel

Read this ‘a friendly reminder to all the husbands out there as we enter the fall and winter seasons…these are called decorative towels. The key word here is ✨decorative. Just completely disregard the word towel. Their sole purpose is to be purposeless and pretty. That’s it. If you use these to dry your disgusting hands off after being out in the garage, dry dishes, or wipe the counters off with them…your wife will likely get a little twitchy and a bit dysfunctional over it.

These 👏🏼 are 👏🏼 dec 👏🏼 or 👏🏼 ations 👏🏼

You’ve been warned. Don’t do It!’

Read this.. thinking is theology of play and prayer. Prayer is like a decorative towel.. the husband, yours sons might say ‘what the use ‘ but some of the important stuff has no purpose. But in the end sure a higher purpose. So prayer is like a decorative towel!!!

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