Father Stefan

Stefan Paul Starzynski was born May 11, 1969 in Bangkok, Thailand to Paul and Florence Starzynski.  He grew up in Arlington and attended St. Ann’s Catholic Church.  Father Stefan holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Gannon University and graduated from Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in 1996.  He is a diocesan priest in Arlington, VA where he was ordained on May 18, 1996.  He received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit two days later.

He has served as parochial vicar at St. Michael’s in Annandale, St. Mary’s in Old Town Alexandria, St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Fredericksburg, St. Patrick’s in Fredericksburg, St. Mary of Sorrows in Fairfax and currently serves at St. Timothy’s in Chantilly.  His duties include administering the sacraments, preparing couples for marriage, counseling and hospital visits among many other responsibilities.  He has offered talks on Theology of the Body, done Life in the Spirit seminars and served as a chaplain for Cursillo and Engaged Encounter Weekends.  Father Stefan’s compassion and concern for others makes him open and willing to extend a smile and share his time with everyone who calls upon him.

His healing masses offered on the second Saturday of each month at St. Mary of Sorrows are well attended from individuals who travel far and wide.  He also celebrates a Mass – Healing for the Family Tree on a periodic basis.

He is the co-founder of the  Paul Stefan Foundation of Our Lady of Guadalupe where he served as Spiritual Advisor for five years. Father Stefan has a passion and works tirelessly to help women in crisis pregnancies bring their children into the world.

Father Stefan’s first book, Miracles: Healing for a Broken World,  was released in April 2010 pre-orders from Amazon.com placed it as the top-selling Catholic book within the first 48 hours and was the top seller for the publisher, Our Sunday Visitor, for the month of March 2010.  It quickly required a second printing and can be found on the shelves of various bookstores and also at Target.  All of the authors royalties go to support the Paul Stefan Foundation.  He is prayerfully considering a second book.

An avid traveler, Father Stefan has been to Malaysia to speak at a Men’s Conference and to England, Ireland and Poland for several Healing Masses, talks and services.


64 Responses to Father Stefan

  1. Brandon in Burke says:

    Fr Stefan, congrats on the book!

    Our son has ear issues and hopefully it will work itself out. If you can find it in your heart to offer him a prayer of healing that would be appreciated!

    Thank you and God Bless!

  2. Shelly says:

    Father, love your book! Can’t put it down. How can I talk to you about scheduling you for a conference?

  3. Joseph Yeo says:

    Dear Fr Stefan,
    Please pray for my daughter Julie that the Lord will heal her completely. Her weight has dropped 40% for the 3rd time in 11 years and not eating well. We are deeply grieved.
    Thank you and God Bless

  4. Gretchen says:

    Hello Fr. Stefan ~ I was wondering if you have a schedule where you will be giving retreats and also wondering if you give missions to churches. If so our church would be very interested in having you give a mission during Advent or Lent. I look forward to hearing from you and may God continue to bless you and the wonderful work you do. You are definitely doing God’s work. Blessings ~ Gretchen

  5. Miss Shawn Stanley says:

    Hello FatherI just purchased your book online. I saw in a flier that you will be at our parish next weekend SFX Phoenix AZ. I’m really looking forward to it! Please pray for healing my illnesses of: body, mind, emotions, and spirit! I haven’t felt good for a long time.
    May God reward you!
    Ms Stanley

  6. Eric Hanson says:

    Thank you Father !!

  7. John S. says:

    Father Stefan,

    A little over 2 years ago I broke the pinky toe on my right foot and the break was a really bad one. Originally the doctors thought I would need to have it surgically pinned, but when I was referred to another doctor, she told me she didn’t think surgery was necessary and told me not to even bother using crutches. She just buddy taped the broken toe to the toe next to it. The toe did heal, but for some reason the top of the toe (above where it broke) kept twisting as I walked and caused me pain everyday.

    I went to another doctor and he said the only thing that could be done was to remove the middle joint of the toe and let the two bones next to the joint fuse to become one bone in order to stabilize the toe. Ever since the day I broke my toe I have been begging God to cure it and make it the way it was before I broke it so it would be as if I never broke it. I was very worried when this new doctor said this fusion surgery was all that could be done because that would mean that I would not be able to bend my toe once it recovered from the surgery.

    Several of my doctor’s appointments fell on feast days of the Blessed Mother, and this coupled with other signs from God, I decided to have the surgery done. I was still extremely worried though because I knew I wouldn’t be able to bend my toe after the surgery. I begged God to make the joint grow back in a way that would keep the toe straight and without pain but still able to bend (basically the way it was before I broke it to begin with). I asked Him for a sign that He would do this for me and He did give me one.

    Now that I got the surgery, however, I cannot bend my toe and I am very worried that I will be stuck with this weird toe for the rest of my life. I was very confident that God would cure it for me, but now I am thinking I may have misinterpreted the sign He gave me. I am very confused because I asked Him very specifically for what I wanted and He gave me a sign very quickly but now I’m not sure if He is going to cure my toe.

    I have been asking the Holy Spirit to tell me if God will restore my toe to the way it was before I broke it, but I am not hearing His voice in my head and I assume it is because I am not holy enough. Could you please ask the Holy Spirit if God will cure my toe to the way it was before I broke it so that it is straight, it can bend, and that there is no pain?

    I would really appreciate it if you could tell me any word of knowledge that you receive from God.

    • Will pray for u expect your miracle

    • John S. says:

      Thank you so much! It’s so great to have someone holy like you to pray for me. Please write back here if the Holy Spirit tells you anything about my situation in your prayers. I will pray for you too. I refuse to give up hope that God will cure me.

  8. Christine Trollinger says:

    Fr, Stefan,
    Please pray for my son who has melanoma and possibly carcinoid cancer too. He is in agony with the health problems. He is certain he will die soon. He lives with me and takes care of me . I have had several strokes and need my son. Please pray for his healing and conversion.
    Thank You


    Fr. Stefan,
    I am praying to Father Baker for a cure
    of a lung problem that I have. It’s called
    Fibrosis and it makes it very difficult
    to breathe. I need to use Oxygen 24/7
    and even with that I cannot walk for
    long periods of time. I am weak and tired
    most of the time. I have never smoked
    and the doctors don’t know why I have
    this. Father Stefan, please ask
    Father Baker for a cure with me!
    I feel so desperate–I have been this
    way for 2 years!!
    Thank you so much and I will pray
    for you too.
    Katherine Werick

  10. Winnie says:

    Will u pray for us

  11. Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe that this amazing
    site needs much more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the advice!

  12. M. Rogers says:

    Dear Father Stefan,

    Every now and then I think about my beginnings. My mother was sent to Our Lady of Victory Home for Unwed Mothers back in 1950. After she gave birth to me, she left. Six months later, she retrieved me from the home. The story about my birth trickled out. Naturally it was a family secret. I learned a tiny bit of truth at age 18, again at age 24, and then much later in my 40s.

    Growing up, I was mentally slow, with a very low IQ, barely literate through high school. I felt stuck inside myself, trapped. When I was of legal age, I left home. I gave birth to a son early, also, and I did what I could to raise him. The church was no longer able to comfort me. Even so, my faith was well established. Later I learned to meditate. To think of others. To forgive others and myself.

    In 2004 I took a trip to Buffalo to visit a very sick brother. Driving in to town, I had made a wrong turn and ended up driving right by Our Lady of Victory church. Imagine early morning, the sun had just come up, and I was at a red light, tired from the solo drive from Florida. I looked to my right and the sun hit the church sign. I couldn’t believe it. My first view of the place where my physical life began. This was all unplanned, on my part. I parked and entered the church. What a beautiful building! When the Home’s office opened I went in, told them I was born there, and asked to see any photos from 1950 so that I could somehow connect. They were a bit cool, even standoffish, but then brought out a dozen or so large photos to show me. It was all so long ago, yet vaguely familiar, those images.

    In my 30s, during a difficult marriage, I used to have sonic memories, of babies crying and wailing, which usually happened when I was in the middle of an upset. I’d tell my then husband, the babies are crying again. Little did I know it was a memory of my first days at the Home.

    During my visit to Our Lady of Victory office that morning in 2004, I asked about meeting any of the Sisters who worked there when I was there. No, I was told, not with Fr. Baker’s perspective canonization. Disappointed, but no longer easily upset, I moved on, left and visited my brother.

    There must be thousands like me, some who didn’t get reunited with their mothers, others like me who did. 1950 was a difficult post war time, and women were cruelly judged for having children outside of marriage. Now that I’m in my 60s, it seems like a story I once read. I can recall sitting in a high chair, seeing babies near me sitting in their high chairs. Perhaps all waiting for their meal. Perhaps my slowness was due to being exposed to children who were born lacking mental abilities? It’s hard to say. Years later, I went to college, earned a BA and MS. I still feel amazed to pick up a book and read it and understand.

    In life, we are all interconnected, no matter what path, socioeconomic status, whatever. I am so grateful that Father Baker created the home so that my mother could rest there while she was pregnant. She was given such a hard time for getting pregnant. The man who is my biological father didn’t want to meet me; nor did his legal son, who I wrote to recently to introduce myself. He was born within a couple months of me–a half brother. These things don’t matter. Loving oneself and others around you is the thing, and a sure sign of grace. It’s easy to do, once one gives up the mountain of expectations about how others’ should be. Getting there is a lifelong journey.

    Becoming peaceful inside, this cannot be “proven” like a physical miracle, but it is for me the greatest event of my life. And I feel certain that Fr. Baker and many others who have helped are responsible for this clearing of emotional and mental debris. I wanted to share this with you, and wish you all the best on your journey of life, of service, and of joy.

    WIshing you a rain of roses~Your sister in God.

  13. Debra Hinson says:

    Father Stefan,

    Olivia says “Hello.” She is now in 3rd grade. Thank you for continuing to pray for her. Her eyes are correcting still. Her Dr. is being promoted, which he well deserves. I believe your prayers and healing worked and continue to work. Please keep her brother, Gary, in your prayers. He was recently assaulted in VA due to mistaken identity and being at the wrong place at the wrong time. He is healing but pray for his physical and emotional healing and the same for our family. Please pray that the horrible 6 boys that did this meet Justice very soon. His doctor said that Gary had a Guardian Angel watching over him. This could have ended much differently. Again, I pray for Justice and that these evil boys who repeatedly beat him are put away!

  14. Celeste says:

    Dear father Stephan:
    I have a question all my life I have heard that we as christian must do God’s will but I just don’t understand what does it really mean. Does it mean to leave everything and stop what are you doing and do nothing and let go of what. We as human have responsabilities and need to have a job pay bills,etc,etc. Then what does it mean do God’s will I was not thought to do that from when I was a child and though I am grown up I do want with all my heart to do God’s will in my life. One thing I must mention here is that I do spend as much as I can in front of the blessed sacrament and there I ask but I am confused. Can you help me please. Thank you and God bless you father.

  15. This page truly has all the info I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  16. Andre Maduro says:

    I am from the Island of Aruba (Dutch Caribbean).
    And I would like to know how I can send my Genogram to be prayed over during the Intergenerational Healing Mass.
    As of now I have not been able to find a priest who is open for this, so I’m asking you, knowing also about your ministry and the gifts of healing during your Intergenerational Healing Masses.

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    Your web site offered us with valuable information to work on.

    You’ve done an impressive job and our entire community will be thankful to you.

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  20. go thorugh says:

    I am genuinely thankful to the holder of this web site who has
    shared this impressive paragraph at here.

  21. Tam Mai- Ryan says:

    This is Mary Ryan’s (St . Patrick’s in Fredericksburg)daughter-in -law, Tam Mai-Ryan I would like to confirm that there is a a healing Mass on Sat?

  22. Pasita Lynch says:

    Hi Father Stefan my name is Pasita and I am from Cape Town South Africa, I have just finished reading your book Miracles, Healing for a Broken World and must say that it is a wonderful book and truly a blessing to read. Father have you ever thought of coming to South Africa as we would love to have you here and for you to have a healing mass for us. Please let me know when your new book comes out. May God bless you abundantly and may you continue doing the wonderful work for our Lord Jesus.

  23. Carolyn Rice says:

    Your comments about the healing of the heart struck a special chord at last week’s healing mass. My mother-in-law (now deceased) used to say, “Bless your heart”, a verbal hug to anyone in need of some praise or encouragement. It described her life of kindness. After a long separation from my daughter and her family, my husband responded to our daughter in an e-mail with the same phrase — totally spontaneous. Your homily rang with the same “blessings and heart” so loudly that I was breathless! When we deny the “heart” we reject the unconditional love God showers on us ; it is the model for our love here on earth. Just as we need the heart to live, to pump life thru the body, we need to accept the “heart” of our spiritual life to survive. Thanks, Fr. Stefan for helping me heal my heart.
    You inspire and comfort me one small miracle at a time.
    Ironwoman Care

  24. Geralyn says:

    Generational Healing Mass was great! We need to spread the word about healing of the generations. Great Homily. Blessings!

  25. PeggyThomas says:

    Thank You Father Stephan for all the articles from Let the Fire Fall.
    I truly enjoy reading them. It’s like a personal message from our God to us about the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.
    You have educated me about the graces from the Holy Spirit and I thank you for that.
    May the Holy Spirit shower your with many Graces through Our Blessed Mother Mary.
    God Bless you,

  26. Jerome Fleming says:

    Thank You Fr. Stephan for all that you do. I first met you when you came to the FC-ADC to conduct Mass and hear confessions. You told everyone that we were all going to Heaven and to open our hearts to the receive the Holy Spirit. You gave us all a reason for being and hope for our futures.

    I recently attended your healing Mass and could truly feel the Holy Spirit in the room. I’m a diabetic but I found myself asking the Holy Spirit to heal all the other people who were in attendance. Your selflessness helped me forget about my own infirmities and realize I had much more to be thankful for. God Bless You and may the Holy Spirit continue to work miracles through your efforts.

  27. Boop Hudgins says:

    Father Stefan,
    John Burkhalter, one of your parishioners, gave me your wonderful book entitled Miracles, Healing for a Broken World, after I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. It was a comforting book and wanted to thank you for writing it. I am very interested in the Healing Mass that you conduct monthly but have not been invited by Mr. Burkhalter, after many hints that I would like to attend. I live in Richmond and Bracey, VA. I wondered if you could pray for my healing without my presence? I am still, after two surgeries, undergoing extensive treatment at UVa. Looking forward to your next book!

    Boop Hudgins

    • Liz says:


      I hope this finds you doing well with your cancer treatment.
      I’ve never been to Father Stefan’s healing masses, either, but hope to get to one in January. I live a couple hrs. to the east, on Md’s eastern shore.
      I WILL pray for you when I get there and, of course, even right now.
      Are you too ill to travel? I’m assuming you’re not able to drive the distance from Richmond to Fairfax due to your illness?
      Please email me, at your convenience, at: elizabethLvandee@aol.com
      Perhaps we can figure out a way to get to one of the healing masses together.
      I’m a 57-year old woman with a 16-year old car, but, like me, she’s peppy and full of spunk!
      God Bless You!

  28. Thank you Father Stefan for” Trusting in Jesus ” and Thank you for enabling me to
    “Trust in Jesus” as a result of the beautiful Healing Mass on Sept. 11. … The Grace and Love of God is all that is necessary and I am truly grateful…
    Blessings, Lynn

  29. Stephanie says:

    Thanks Fr Stefan, for a wonderful healing service last Sat!! The Holy Spirit was truly present and my family has received healing and graces since then… praise God!

  30. Lauri Piszczor says:

    Father Stefan,

    I attended your healing service last night and felt the Holy Spirit’s healing power. Thank you and Thank You Jesus!!!!

  31. Deacon Tom says:

    Hi Father Stefan… blessings from your deacon in Arizona. I miss our connections and e-chats, although I know well how busy you are and remain. Please let’s stay in touch and I look forward to a visit from you in AZ and/or when the next priest/deacon/seminarian conference in OH takes place. Blessings again. deacon tom

  32. Vicki Weiss says:

    I attended your healing service last night 9/11/2010 and was very moved and joyed by the Love and infusion of the Holy Spirit in the room. You are truly a gift from GOD with the Hope and faith that you offer. Something that slipped my mind till this very moment is that it was my clean and sober date from a lifelong drug addiction that GOD released me from in 2001. I am glad that GOD arranged it for me to spend it at your service. I truly walked away a better person!

  33. Julie says:

    Even though I’ve never met you, I love you in Christ. I pray that God’s love, mercy, and healing will continue to flow through you. May the Holy Spirit bless you and fill you with his presence, strengthen you with his power, and comfort you with his tenderness. You’re an awesome testament to God’s love for us all. Thank you for all you do.


  34. Uma & Kumar says:

    Thank you for accepting us into church through a series of dreams of our lady.
    You have shown us the Light, the one true living God, Jesus Christ! when we were in darkness.
    You have shown us the way, when we were surrounded with so many obstacles and disturbances in life in our conversion journey from Hinduism to Catholicism.
    We feel very honored, thankful and blessed to have you as our priest…

    • Fr. Reddy says:

      Hello kumar, good to hear about your testimony. Are u from Andhra? I am a catholic priest from Guntur, now in USA. God bless you

  35. Corinne Hanley Frassa says:

    Thank you Father for being part of all our lives at St. Mary’s. You have kept the spirit flowing and have given so many wonderful sermons that really make sense. I pray for you everyday and hope that you stay with us here at St. Mary’s for a long time coming. Your Healing book was just great. Looking forward to reading the new one coming out.

  36. Jan Martinez says:

    Father Thank you so much for your site. This old world needs so much healing, people are running in so many directions when all they should do is fall onto their knees!
    I know you will touch many and have already! I will remember to pray for your ministry daily!

  37. Nancy Demarco says:

    Such a great Website, you are truly a gift from God. I have ordered your Miracle book
    Can’t wait to get it. Am truly looking forward to the next one. May you be blessed as you bless all.

  38. Nancy Demarco says:

    Dear Father Stephan, Love your knew Website, it is a joy to be able to write to you and learn from you. I am ordering your book and can’t wait for the knew one to come out. I enjoyed learning about your life and know I’m growing in a most Godly positive way by your guidance. You are God’s gift to all of us, we are so blessed to have you in our lives.

  39. Mary Lafferty & Bob Moderacka says:

    Dear Father Stephan:
    Thank you so much for giving us access to your new website! I hardly know what to say except you give all of us encouragement in your homilies and prayer services.
    God bless you.
    Mary & Bob

  40. Clare Law says:

    Fr. Stefan, I am looking forward for your new book, “Let God surprise you” and also expecting God’s surprises everyday!! Keep up your great work!

  41. Thank you Father Stefan for being our Shepard. There is may sheep with many walks of life you minister to. May the Precious Blood of Jesus cover your Spirit, mind, body and soul and all that you do in your ministery.

    Mother Mary lead us to your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity in all we live in our families, and sheep of this Shepard. Amen

    I dont know if me previous mail disappeard or not, so dont be surprised if there is one similar to this. This email sites are tricky.
    Geralyn and Rich and families

  42. Pat White says:

    Very nice website, Fr Stefan. I am going to forward to a few of our mutual friends. Interesting to find out some background info about you, but we have to read between the lines to see how friendly you are and supportive of each and every group and person at St Marys.

  43. Allison Cross says:

    Love the new website Father! We know you will continue to be blessed and continue the blessing. You are truly a gift from God and I am lucky to call you my friend!!!

  44. Thanks you for writing the Miracles Book…..it was a wonderful book to read and enjoy. Gave it to my daughter……..she in turn will pass it to her husband. Can t wait till your next book…. The Holy Spirit is responsible for me getting this book. My priest said a Sat morning Mass last week to open your hearts to the Holy Spirit and He will change your life…………left mass and had an overwhelming desire to go to the book store……..it was not in my plan for the day to go but I did………and long story short………found your book and I knew I was meant to take it home………..Thank you again………Lynn

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