Confession and the Stomach Bug, A Poem by Father Stefan written at 315am


Confession and the Stomach Bug


I had a Stomach Bug

At 1am or 2

I lay on my bed

Wondering what to do?

I was thinking of confession

The Grace the Beauty the Joy

An image came up, My Friend

A way that confession does mend

I hope that I do not scandalize you

It’s not my intention too

Confession is like throwing up

Our sin is like vomit

Isn’t it true that the last thing we want to do?

But when you think about it, isn’t that what you ought to do?

Your body is saying, “I no longer want this virus.”

Your body knows what to do

Your sin is like vomit

But again isn’t it true-after the virus has left you

You do feel better right too

You are now tired and you are no longer mired

You can now go back to bed

Sleep with the angels who surround your head


Fr Stefan


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